Catnip Crazy Ball (FREE PATTERN)

This is a simple and easy ball to make using two needles. The ball is mattress stitched together. The pattern is not for sale, however, you can make as many of these balls as your heart contends. Go ahead and sell the final result on Etsy or Ebay. But please send anyone who would like the pattern back here to get it. It is not fair to steal. 

You will need a pair of size 5 knitting needles
A small amount of worsted wool
Fiber fill for stuffing or scraps of wool !

Cast on 6 sts
Row 1 Purl
Row 2 K1 M1 repeat to end 12 sts
Row 3 Purl
Row 4 K1 M1 repeat to end 24sts
Row 5 Purl
Row 6 K3 M1 repeat to end 32 sts
Row 7 Purl
Row 8 Knit
Row 9 Purl
Row 10 Knit
Row 11 Purl
Row 12 Knit
Row 13 Purl
Row 14 Knit 2 tog repeat to end of row 16 sts
Row 15 Purl
Row 16 Knit 2 tog to end of row 8sts
Row 17 Purl
Row 18 Knit 2 tog to end of row 4sts
Row 19 Purl 2 together to end of row 2 sts
Bind off leaving 6 inch tail sew ball together stuffing as you sew !

Published by BambooPear 2009.