Free Crochet Tawashi Scrubbie Pattern

Hello again :) I have decided to offer a pattern from my eco-cleaning collection for free. It is for the small tawashi scrubbie and is made using worsted weight cotton and a size H crochet hook. You can whip these babies up in a few minutes if you need a fast gift. The free pattern is available as a PDF download at my  Ravelry Shop.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog :)

Free Crochet Patterns At My Ravelry Shop: Swiffer Cover and Tawashi Scrubbies
Hello again! I have made a free pattern collection available at my Ravelry shop. In this collection you will get a pattern to make a cleaning cloth (great dishcloth or dusting cloth) a Swiffer cover pattern, a small tawashi scrubbie pattern, and a pattern to make a tulle dish tawashi scrubber. Go Green and quit tossing your money in the trash.

Best Free Apron Patterns

Free Simple Crochet Preppy Bow Pattern At My Ravelry Shop
Hello again, I have added another crochet pattern to my Ravelry store. It is for a simple crochet hair bow. This would be great for Halloween if you worked this up using the Red Heart reflective yarn.
Just remember you might have to work tighter an use a hook one size smaller in order to obtain a reasonably sized hair bow. But, I really love the RedHeart Reflective line. I ride a bicycle almost everywhere I go, and my reflective hat has saved me a time or two (No Joke). 

My New FREE Patterns At Ravelry

Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have opened up a Ravelry store. I have posted some of my patterns I have here, as well as some new ones and all in PDF. I have posted the links down below so please check them out.

Aspen Ollie Hat Free Pattern at Ravelry

Class Cowl Pattern FREE at Ravelry 

Free Patterns For Pet Toys

Pet Toy Patterns

Go on... knit or crochet your baby a toy

Bamboopear Felted Mouse Pattern
Here At BambooPear, we have a great pattern for a knitted and felted mouse. Great for a fast project.
Tara's Knits Dog Toy
A great dumb bell toy made on DPN and worsted wool give this one a try !!
Mommy Said So Elmo Ball
This is a fantastic pattern for a crocheted ball for your puppy! Around the same size of a tennis ball .You can follow her pattern or make it plain.Great for a dog that chews up his toys because you can make another one super fast!
Woodhill Designs Cat Ball
Great Crochet Cat Ball Pattern. Make them as fast as you cat wants them !
Felted Fortune Cookies
Indigo Muse Knits has a great knitting pattern for felted fortune cookies. The fortune cookies work up fast. Add catnip and sew the seam and ta da done !
Free Two Needle Knitting Pattern Catnip Ball
A easy pattern to follow to make a small catnip ball in under a hour !!

Free Pet Bed Pattern Knit and Crochet

Pet Beds To Knit Or Crochet

Give Your Loved One Something Warm!

Craftown Crochet Dog/ Cat Bed
Great Crocheted cat or dog bed they do not have a photo but I have tested it a while back and it is worth making!
20 minute pet rug
Great blanket/rug for cats/ kittens or puppies or doggies! AND FASSSSSSSSSSSST!!
Sock Pixie's Cat Basket
This adorable cat basket is made from brown sheep's worsted weight wool and has a super neat chevron pattern ! You could make it for a puppy also !
Snug Harbor Pet Bed
Made with bulky yarn and a little knitting knowledge you can make one for your pet and some for your favorite animal shelter !!
Kitty Cuddles Felted Bed
I just discovered this one . It looks really cute . Do you felt ? Give this one a try! It is for a cat but it looks as if it could accommodate a little doggie as well.
Bark-A- Lounger Knitty
This is a most fantastic pet bed made out of wool it is 32 inches after felting ! DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED OF FELTING IT IS EASY !! this pattern requires a little color skill but I am a telling you this is beautiful enough to stay in any room of your home, very stately !!
Crochet Kitty Cozy Midnight Knitter
A great fast basket pattern ,my cats like the shape they like to spin around like the dogs!
Sofa Felted
It says sofa but it is more of a charming square bed that is felted and has a adorable button tufted action going on it is 10 x 14 after felting I know this would be a really great project for someone who wants a stylish bed without a lot of effort ! GREAT GIFT !!!!!

Best Dog Sweater Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Free Dog Sweater Links

Crochet And Knitting Pattern For Sweaters

Looking For The Best Dog Sweater Patterns?
Here Are The Best I Have Found! The patterns are for your personal use.
Drops Dog Sweater
This pattern is for a real easy classic dog dog sweater. Sized for dogs XS = Chihuahau, S = Bichon Frise, M = Cocker Spaniel.
Furry Dog Sweater Lion Brand
Made from fun fur this lion brand pattern is easy to work up and will look great on your dog!
Berroco Buster Sweater
(Buster) a great dog sweater pattern for a preppy puppy as it resembles a golf shirt !
Lion Brand Ruffle Sweater
Fantastic and affordable! Free sweater pattern at lion brand yarn site. You could make this over a weekend !
Drops Moss St Dog Sweater
Sweater is sized for dogs XS - M (AKA Chihuahua - Cocker Spaniel) Uses size 10 1/2 US needles. Simple moss stitch works up fast.
Midnight Knitter Dog Sweater
Made with Rowan Big Wool and size 19 needles this sweater works up super fast . Great for a last minute gift with style!
Penny Sweater Knitty
This is a neat sweater! It uses several different techniques and super wash wool yarn! This is a must knit !!!!
Elan Knits Blog Skully Sweater
Do you know a punk dog !! LooK No Further This is the sweater for your pup !!
Cable Knit Sweater
Maybe a cable knit dog sweater for your pet?
Why not give it a try!
Hearts And Bones Dog Sweater by Catherine Head
This is a pattern I just ran across. I thought it would be a great little number to work up. It is from Picture Perfect Knits and has a great intarsia pattern around the neck.
Karens Knit Dog Jacket Pattern
I love this link you will too! Great sweater not as complicated as you would think it was!!!
Drops Hooded Dog Sweater
This is a fantastic and easy hooded dog sweater from Garn Studio it is sized XS = Chihuahau, S = Bichon Frise, M = Cocker Spaniel. Works up fast ! US size 6 needles
Chopped Tomatoes Bucalicious Sweater
This one will make you smile! Great instruction and lots of photos you can't go wrong with that!
Doggie Corset
Well, I think this is a most simple and charming corset for a doggie. The dog on the blog photos looks like my neighbors dog Ginger, so it gets props from me ! She could easily charge tons for this pattern and its free!!! Labpugglechi Free Patterns
Cable Turtleneck Sweater From Drops Design
This sweater is sized XS= Chihuahuas, S = Bichon Frise, M = Cocker Spaniel. This pattern is not for larger dogs. I love the cable work on this sweater if done in an Aran wool yarn it would resemble an Aran-Island fisherman's sweater.

Mrs Beeton's Book Of Household Management Book Download

I found this book while searching online for random things. It is called Beeton's Book Of Household Management  This book is great for history buffs (Downton Abbey Fans) and for anyone interested in old recipes or domestic living. I am including a link to download the ePub and Kindle book. 
Published in 1861, Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management  was a guide to all aspects of running a household in Victorian Britain.
The 2751 entries include tips on how to deal with servants’ pay and children’s health, and above all a wealth of cooking advice, instructions and recipes. It was an immediate bestseller, running to millions of copies within just a few years.
Book of Household ManagementPerhaps surprisingly, author Isabella Beeton was just 21 years old when she started working on the book, and she died young at 28.
The book gives a charming and historically significant insight into Victorian domestic management.
Although its entries have little practical relevance today the name “Mrs Beeton” still has iconic status in Britain: most people recognize it and know its connotations, although very few have actually come into contact with the book itself.
The phrase, first, catch your hare, while popularly thought to originate here, was already proverbial when the book was written.
Today’s superstar chefs (especially Delia Smith) might be seen as the direct descendants of Mrs Beeton, who saw as they did the need to provide reassuring advice on culinary matters for the British middle classes, the Industrial Revolution having sealed the demise of traditional rural cooking skills.
Extract courtesy of Wikipedia

BambooPear Mercantile Open Again

Hello, I am so excited to announce that BambooPear is now a shop once again. We have started a small crochet/knitting shop over at Amazon. I have included the link in the sidebar as well as in this post. We will be carrying books, hook and needle sets, as well as wool, hemp and other fine yarns from brands like Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Cascade and more.  I will also be posting and updating my blog more frequently. I love reading your comments, so please share.