Pet Projects by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne

I Thought that I would share my thoughts on this book "Pet Projects by Sally Muir". Well I love it, it pretty much doesn't get better. I absolutely love knitting for my "fur-babies" and this book offered me plenty of projects from toys to blankies. I am not someone who typically raves about pattern books ((((( because))))) I have always knitted and crocheted what came naturally from within me. A few of the patterns were just dreamy, for-instance the mouse-mat on page 63. The water-lily for my goldfish page 52-53...and get this the water-lily is made out of plastic bags. I also love the horse blanket on page 55-57, which gave the option for customization. The is also an adorable pattern for a hamster hideout.  This book is well worth the asking price. I did a little research and found this book on Amazon for under $15.00. Enough rambling here is the link to check out the specks on the book.... Link followed Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible