Felted Mouse Pattern

This is the finished mouse. I used dk yarn in pink because my Kitty wanted a pink mouse. (I asked her)

I also used size 6 needles You can use any size of yarn the finished product will be larger or smaller as a result. Mine measured 4-inches long x 4 1/2 inches wide before felting. It's final measurement was around 3-inches.

Cast on 4 st with size 6 needles
(row 1 )Inc 1 st into 1st and last stitch of row (6 sts)
(row 2 ) Purl all sts
(row3) Inc 1 st into each of the first and second sts ,k2,Inc 1 st into each of the last 2 st (10sts)
(row4) Purl all sts
(row 5) Inc 1 st into each of the first 3 sts,k4, Inc 1 st into each of the last 3 stitches (16sts)
(row 6) Purl all sts
(row 7) k1, inc 1 st into each of the next 2 sts,k10,inc 1 into each of the next two sts,k1 (20 sts)
(row 8) Purl all sts
(row 9) Inc 1 st into each of the first 2 sts,k 16, Inc 1 st into each of the last 2 sts(24sts)
(rows 10-25) Work in stockinette st
(row 26 ) k4 , k2tog, k2tog,k8,k2tog ,k2tog,k4(20sts)
(Row 27) purl all sts
(row 28) *k2 k2tog* to end of row (15sts)
(row 29) Purl row(row 29) *K1 ,K2tog* to end of row
(row 30) Purl Row
(Row 31) K2 tog to end of row
(row 32) Purl to end of the row
(row 33) K2tog,k1,k2tog (3sts) Don't break yarn
Slip last 3 sts onto DPN and make a I cord at least 4-6 inches long.

Ears make two
Cast on 5 sts with size 6 needles
Row 1 knit
Row 2 Purl
Row 3 k2tog ,k1, k2 tog (3 sts) leave a 4 inch tail weave through last 3 sts and sew ear to body. Make second ear the same way.

Attach a 12 inch length of yarn and sew the body from nose on the angle to the belly, but do not sew the belly closed.

Felt by hand or in the washer with hot water and a little soap ( I Like Lavender). Embroider the eyes using yarn or embroidery thread. Stuff with catnip and fiberfill and sew the belly area closed. And now your kitty will have a new best friend. 

{ This pattern was created by BambooPear  for your personal use only. The pattern can not be reproduced, sold, or given away. Please direct anyone back to this site. } Like all of my other patterns, you are free to sell your finished product online or at craft bazaars, however if someone is curious about the pattern send them here.  

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Published by BambooPear 2008 All rights reserved.


MissLisaMarie said...

Any ? Just leave a comment .

Home Is Best said...

Super cute. Bet your cat loves her pink mouse.

MissLisaMarie said...

Yes my cat adores it!

Tera 253 said...

Can't wait to make one!

Celeste=] said...

This was my first ever finished project ( i stop in the middle a lot) and i love it!
great pattern! only thing is- where you work stokinnette stitch you should work from 10-25 not 10-24 so that the next row continues the stokinette stitch. =]

Anonymous said...

my mouse doing mousy things-

Anonymous said...

I am a new knitter. I've only been knitting for 3 weeks, but am obsessed! I've finished almost a dozen projects. (most of them diff types of scarves and bbblankies!)

Can some one please explain to me, or send me a link that'll explain to me, how to:

"Inc 1 st into each of next 2 sts"?

I'm don't understand how to do it, and this is the second pattern I've worked that I get stuck at this part!


Mouse Control said...

This is so cute. I’m planning on making a few for my kids who I know will love them. Thanks for the helpful guide.