Tawashi Style Duster Pattern

I have gotten in the mood for some spring cleaning! Have you? I created this pattern to share with you, if you want to clean your house... also.  No sales of the pattern are allowed not even on Etsy. You can however make as many dusters as you want and sell them at fairs, school fundraisers, bazaars or online.  

Duster size: You can adjust the pattern to fit your hand

Scraps of worsted weight yarn in two colors
Size 3.25mm hook

With hook, chain 16 using a tangerine color yarn (more or less stitches depending on your hand size,)
Row 1: Single crochet to end, turn.
Row 2: Loop Stitch to end of row, turn.
Continue repeating the loop stitch pattern until the tawashi is your desired width.
To finish; switch to gray yarn, crochet around the tawashi's sides using single crochet.
Make strap by crocheting four or five stitches on one side of the tawashi using gray yarn. Crochet these stitches to make a strap. You will need to crochet about 16 rows using single crochet. Sew the straps end to the other side of the tawashi.

Stitches Used:
LOOP ST Insert hook in next st, swing hook around yarn from left to right clockwise. Using head of hook, grab yarn under fingers and draw through work leaving formed loop over index finger. Drop loop to backside and pick up end of yarn, YO, draw through remaining loops on hook

Single Crochet: Insert hook in next st, YO, pull up a loop, YO, and draw through all loops on hook
Please ignore my lousy photo!

Published by BambooPear 2008.