Free Pet Bed Pattern Knit and Crochet

Pet Beds To Knit Or Crochet

Give Your Loved One Something Warm!

Craftown Crochet Dog/ Cat Bed
Great Crocheted cat or dog bed they do not have a photo but I have tested it a while back and it is worth making!
20 minute pet rug
Great blanket/rug for cats/ kittens or puppies or doggies! AND FASSSSSSSSSSSST!!
Sock Pixie's Cat Basket
This adorable cat basket is made from brown sheep's worsted weight wool and has a super neat chevron pattern ! You could make it for a puppy also !
Snug Harbor Pet Bed
Made with bulky yarn and a little knitting knowledge you can make one for your pet and some for your favorite animal shelter !!
Kitty Cuddles Felted Bed
I just discovered this one . It looks really cute . Do you felt ? Give this one a try! It is for a cat but it looks as if it could accommodate a little doggie as well.
Bark-A- Lounger Knitty
This is a most fantastic pet bed made out of wool it is 32 inches after felting ! DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED OF FELTING IT IS EASY !! this pattern requires a little color skill but I am a telling you this is beautiful enough to stay in any room of your home, very stately !!
Crochet Kitty Cozy Midnight Knitter
A great fast basket pattern ,my cats like the shape they like to spin around like the dogs!
Sofa Felted
It says sofa but it is more of a charming square bed that is felted and has a adorable button tufted action going on it is 10 x 14 after felting I know this would be a really great project for someone who wants a stylish bed without a lot of effort ! GREAT GIFT !!!!!